Pascals Sub Sluts – Luna Toxxxic


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Luna Toxxxic: Rude Brat Taught The Error Of Her Ways Luna Toxxxic makes money from being a dominatrix. From what I’d heard about her before I even saw a picture, she’s not a woman you’d want to mess with. This week’s updates document her transformation into an utterly willing, entirely compliant and feverishly cunt-soaked PascalsSubSlut. It’s magnificent to behold…

To fully appreciate her scene, here’s some back story. She lives with Lily Brutal. When we last shot Lily, P and her were talking about Luna and how she didn’t want to do PSS. It later transpired, during some chats P had with Luna on Twitter, that she did have a bit of a sub side. It wasn’t the rough sex aspect of PSS that put her off. It was the degradation. Pascal then shot a vanilla scene with her, nothing to do with PSS. He gained her trust and explained how we always work within the individual limits of each girl. Did she want to have a chat with me to talk things through? Sure, she said. To my surprise, she was onboard from the off. We went through her do’s and don’ts. There were quite a few don’ts but more than enough do’s to work with, so I booked her in. Cue the three of us getting together on the day, and in her video interview she starts to step back a little from her don’ts. Name-calling’s ok. Before it wasn’t. Then we get to the last third of the interview and I ask her about watching porn. She says she really gets off on triple anal. Watching this, you can tell how this doesn’t immediately register with me. It’s so out-of-keeping with the woman I’d taken her to be. But not only does she give an honest reply, she then starts to elaborate about how she jerks off to intruder fantasies, about a couple of guys breaking into her home and, for all intents and purposes, raping her. There’s mention of big black cocks too, totally unsolicited. OK. It sounds like we’ve got a scene on our hands. Before that we shoot the solo with me bossing her around and she totally gets off on it, cream leaking out her pussy, cumming, the works. Bit by bit by bit, the secret side of Luna Toxxxic is coming out. But even then, we weren’t prepared for what happened next.