Club Seventeen – Alecia Fox & Gia Mulino


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Alecia Fox is being her naughty self when Gia Mulino catches a glimpse of her. She likes to take all kinds of naughty selfies while out in public. Alecia also wants to take a few pictures of Gia as well. She certainly has a nice ass. Those short shorts of hers doesn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination. The blonde babe is very upfront about her sexual desires. She zeros in on her new found friend and puts the moves on her. They go to a secluded area and that’s when the lesbian fun gets kicked into high gear. Neither of these girls knew the other before all of this started. Without a doubt they know each other now. The sweet taste of the others teen pussy is something that neither of them will ever forget. It’ll cement their new found friendship and maybe even turn it into something more.