James Deen – Daisy Stone


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James Deen – Daisy Stone

James Deen and Daisy Stone have an interesting relationship. They joke around with one another and pretty clearly want to have sex. Daisy teases James Deen with her big booty and all natural body. James is a weak son of a bitch and doesn’t even attempt to control the situation. He basically stops working and follows the blond PAWG around with a camera. He also says some dumb pick up lines. I guess they aren’t that dumb, because Daisy Stone tells James Deen to shove his cock into her tight shaved pussy and make her cum…

She actually does this repeatedly throughout the day. It really seems like the two enjoy fucking each other. Daisy Stone bends over the bathroom sink while she does her makeup. James wastes no time to get behind her. Daisy Stone takes a pounding from behind by the porn star until she can’t handle any more. She then goes back to work making herself pretty before the scene. This behavior continues throughout the entire day. The pair finally ends their interaction by Daisy Stone leaving James flustered and wanting. She bathes her sexy body after getting anal fucked. James feeds her his dick while she is in the tub. Daisy gets James all excited and ready to go. He wants to finish off fucking this blonde young beauty. But, right as he strips off his clothes, she decides it is time to go eat food.