The Life Erotic – Marina Lee


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Sexy Marina Lee smiles at the camera as it follows her down a caged-in outdoor staircase. She’s a striking girl with an alternative look – her hair is colored jet black and silver-blonde, long but clipped short at the sides. Her make-up is minimal and her eyes are a piercing sea-green, under strong, dark brows. She’s wearing a pastel-blue latex bralet and matching skater skirt and, as she raises her arms to strap a ball gag into her mouth, we get a glimpse of thick black hair beneath them…

Her figure is athletic and strong, her breasts small and pert, her attitude tough yet playful – she smiles a lot and seems to be having fun, especially when the action gets increasingly kinky. As she walks around barefoot outdoors she is wearing black leather ankle-cuffs and carrying a metal leg-spreader bar. Then she sits on some steps – and, as the camera homes in for a close-up of her clipping the bar into place, we see her legs are unshaved and covered from thigh to ankle with a fuzz of dark hair. Back indoors, in her bedroom, the gag and bar are laid out on the bed, along with an elegant, polished-stone dildo. Sprawled on the covers, Marina strips off her top and caresses her tits, lingering on her pink nipples. Then, as she hikes up her skirt, she reveals a very hairy crotch. Her pussy and mound are unshaved and her dense pubes extend a few inches down her inner thighs and along her ass crack, feathering out onto her cheeks. With one agile movement she rolls onto all fours, legs still splayed wide by the bar, and her juiced-up pink splits her forest of pubes. Moaning and sighing, she reaches back between her legs and fingers her snatch. Then, after giving her dildo a quick suck, she rubs it up and down her slit then plunges it inside, plowing it rhythmically in and out. On her back once more she removes her skirt and grinds the toy inside of her, hard and deep. Her fingers tease her clit and it takes only a couple minutes for her to hit the brink of orgasm. She straps her gag in place but it barely muffles her moans as she cums hard, writhing and bucking her hips and ass clear of the bed. Then, with one final look into the camera, she drifts off, totally contented…